It’s been said that, “Education is the mother of leadership”. The Capitular Learning Center therefore endeavors to assist Companions develop the vision, the skills, and the sense of confidence necessary to help rekindle the flame of inspired purpose.  CLC cannot teach aspiring companions everything they need to know to become successful in the Oriental Chair.  However, commitment to a training program of Capitular Best Practices will put a companion in the best position to learn what they need to know, when they need to know it.

Sample Program

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Member Education (Companions Only)

Available at Launch

Secret Mysteries of the First Temple (Part 1):

      The Legend of King Solomon


Mysteries of First Temple (Part 2):

      A Noble and Glorious Undertaking


Mysteries of First Temple (Part 3):

      Plan for the Temple Man

Parting the Veils of Mystery (Part 2):

      Veils of the Tabernacle

Converting to Video for Release

Mysteries of First Temple (Part 4):

      Entering the Sanctum Sanctorum


Parting the Veils of Mystery (Part 1):

      Science for the Search of Truth

Parting the Veils of Mystery (Part 3):

      Triple Tau, Sacred Seven and Seal of Solomon


Garments of Glory:

      Foundation of Symbolism for a High Priest Royal Arch Mason


Capitular Trivia Game: A’Bout with Royal Arch Masonry


Capitular Trivia Game: Veil Trials

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