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About Us

Mission Statement

The Capitular Learning Center is founded on a commitment of excellence to enrich the experience of Royal Arch Masonry through the highest quality Capitular education and training, with the mission to:


 • Advance an enlightened awareness of Royal Arch Masonry for every companion and brother Mason;


 • Reduce the cost, optimize the effectiveness, and maximize the return of accomplishing Chapter business;


 • Make practical training resources readily available to cultivate an inspired and learned membership in today's world.

Meet the Team

MEC Marcus A. Trelaine

Project Manager and Educational Program Developer

High achievement always takes place in the framework of high expectation.  Optimism for the future of Royal Arch Masonry is about bold ideas, dynamic progress, and quality of excellence. This is the perspective that Past Grand High Priest and Most Excellent Companion Marcus A. Trelaine brings to the business of advancing the influence and efforts of Capitular Masonry.


MEC Trelaine has proven himself a prolific author through numerous published articles, Masonic guidebooks, and training programs.  Perhaps his best known work to date is the “Operations and Training Manual for Chapter Officers: A Practical Guide for Governance in the Oriental Chair of King Solomon” - a compendium of Capitular Best Practices.


In operative application of his professional experience in non-government organizations (NGOs), advanced degrees in business and marketing, and diverse Masonic service and interests, he has successfully developed more than 40 comprehensive educational and training presentations.  In many ways, Marcus Trelaine has become the “man behind the curtain” for Royal Arch Masonry.


Recognizing the proficiency of his labors in the quarry, he has been honored with the Ephraim Kirby Award, Distinguished Service Medals in Silver and Bronze, Valentine Reintzel Meritorious Service Medal, and a Masonic Research Medal in the York Rite; and coronated an Inspector General Honorary 33° in the Scottish Rite.

Bro. Zachary J Scurnopoli

Lead Developer & Designer at Info Solutions Guru

Developer & Designer for

No expectations are higher than one seeking to provide the best quality in service, whether to their profession or the Craft. Designing and developing websites is a passion and a labor of love. The skills required to create a successful website project are both singularly functional and broadly applied.  Every web project must balance the constraints of evolving project goals and changing technologies with escalating user demands and limited budgets. This project is only at its beginning, but the commitment to excellence, beauty and usability will continue throughout development of the Capitular Learning Center.

Freemasonry has proven a major influence in the life of Bro. Zachary J Scurnopoli. Taking his first officer's position in his second year as a Mason, he has endeavored to contribute as much as possible in service to his fraternal brother and the betterment of the Craft.  The driving force of the principles of Freemasonry, and their ability to affect the world in a positive manner, has compelled him to actively support the objectives of the Capitular Learning Center.


A key area integral to the future of Freemasonry includes the development of robust Masonic web interfaces for domestic and international jurisdictions, particularly in development of Masonic education and training in the movement from darkness to light.  Through the advancement of knowledge and the dissemination of truth, this website is built as a resource to assist Companions create their own pillars of strength and wisdom.  And, by presenting unique opportunities for Royal Arch Masons to think intensively and critically in pursuit of Masonic instruction, the Capitular Learning Center offers this powerful tool to help change the world.

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