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The Capitular Best Practices Officer Training and Qualification Program, is to better prepare Companions for increasingly responsible roles as a Chapter Officer. By significantly augmenting the traditional process of qualification, the training curriculum offers in-depth instruction of critical skills, ranging from governing leadership and membership development to chapter branding and business administration, as well as comprehensive instruction in Capitular education;  all of which are necessary for success in the Oriental Chair.


Course 1. Capitular Degrees:

            Explanation, History and Symbolism


Course 2a (Part I) Advanced Leadership & Governance:

            Laws, Powers and Privileges

Course 2b (Part II) Advanced Leadership & Governance:

            Styles and Assessment

Course 4a (Part I) Member Development:

            Management the Event Horizon (Candidate Recruitment, Companion                      Mentoring & Capitular Proficiency)


Course 4b (Part II) Member Development:

            Management the Event Horizon: (Educational Enlightenment, Fraternal

            Socialization, Recognized Accomplishment, and Masonic Representation)

Course: 6 Chapter Branding: 

            Making your Mark in Masonry

Course 8b. Financial Analysis and Budgeting (Part I)

                    Financial Analysis and Budgeting (Part Ii)

Converting to Video for Beta Program

Course 3. Annual Program Planning:

            Initiatives, Management and Reporting


Course 5. Persuasion and Illusion of Capitular Communication


Course 7. Overview of Royal Arch Masonry:

            History, Traditions and Interpretations


Course 8a. Chapter Administration (Part I) - Optional

            Optimizing Chapter Performance


Course 9. Raising the Bar:

            Power of Personal Presentation - Optional

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