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New Capitular Education Course Added


Welcome to the Capitular Learning Center. This educational and training project is being developed in concert with the General Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons International, as a comprehensive learning site, dedicated to the inspired enlightenment and qualification of Companions at the Constituent Chapter level. While some of the information may be familiar, much may prove enigmatic, and perhaps even controversial. But all, printed or visual presentations are designed to enhance capitular knowledge and skills development, as well as, provoke more serious inquiry into the workings of the ancient mysteries of the Craft.

Officer Qualification Path


Most Past High Priests will tell you the toughest lessons received during their time in the Oriental Chair was learned primarily in the “School of Hard Knocks”.  These Royal Arch Masons will quickly affirm there is far more to successfully governing a chapter than memorizing the opening and closing ritual, or even conferring the Capitular Degrees.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.


The Capitular Learning Center has prepared a comprehensive qualification curriculum of teaching tools, including Capitular Practical Factors and Leadership Self-Assessment, in support of 10 core training courses ranging in subject from Program Planning and Business Administration to Chapter Branding and Membership Development that can best prepare a Companion for all the duties and responsibilities required of a High Priest.

The Future of Royal Arch Education is Now,
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A Compendium of Masonic Education for Royal Arch Masons

Contains a comprehensive set of tools and programs designed to significantly enhance Chapter business and operational performance including: instructional “Capitular Best Practices” management courses; sample regulatory compliance policies; new companion/family guidebooks; and a chapter strategic planning and performance assessment process that measure results, enhance consistency, and better establish the Chapter in a pattern of growth and success.

Business Operations

A capitular compendium of special celebrations, ceremonies and recognitions that form a part of the complex human and divine matrix of experiences we call a Masonic life.  Whether offering devotion to deity, breaking bread in fellowship, or observing important moments of appreciation, recognition, education, and inspiration; the several practices allow companions to take time to stop, connect with each other, and form the trust basic to relationships among Masons, family and the profane.

Events, Ceremonies and Services

An array of Capitular, general Masonic and esoteric publications and research encompassing a digital library of hundreds of high quality images; an archive of Royal Arch Magazines; and opinion papers addressing Royal Arch Masonry.

Archival and Digital Library

To stay abreast of training and technological developments, the Capitular Learning Center is in process of developing an array of multi-disciplinary correspondence and online resources to cultivate convenient and flexible learning opportunities that augment traditional Masonic “school of instruction” practices of time and location.

Distance Learning


A collection of training tools and techniques that help companions learn important capitular knowledge, develop necessary skills to improve officer performance, and set high standards for how the Chapter operates. Education and training applications encompass a delineation of duties and responsibilities for each officer station; and a qualification system of capitular “practical factors” that can help improve member participation, increase proficiency, and work to perfect the labors of the Chapter.

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Education and Training